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Anonymous said: Im not the only who got pissed when mira didnt walked to that arena for the whole big match? Erza,Laxus and Mira is suppose to be S-class for crying outloud

Yeah I was a little upset with that too tbh. Even though Gray is my favourite character, I think Mira should’ve went in instead of him ><

summer-dragneel said: why cant i ever find people my age who love fairy tail?

Haha if it makes you feel better, I’m 20 XD

fairy-tail-things said: I love your tumblr. I'm following... ^^

Thank you, sorry that this page is pretty much dead though </3

akkeyroomi said: Hi! Can you please promote us? We are a new Fairy Tail blo, we post gags, quotes, and problems that we fans can all relate to! Check us out --> livingfairytail(.)tumblr(.)com

Laser cut by blazerdesigns

Laser cut by blazerdesigns

saintyoungbabe said: do you credit? this wallpaper:

belongs to kaito14122 of animepaper:

Yes in fact I DO credit.

All the fanart, if you click on the image you will be directed to the original source (most are from deviantArt). And all the AMVs I have left credit on the post. If you’d gladly take your time to look around on the tumblog you’d realise that.

I’m sorry that I didn’t credit that wallpaper because it was submitted from a follower so I had no idea where it came from. But never did I say that I was the one who made the image. I will go add in the direct link now.

There was no need to be so rude and upset about it. You could’ve just left a nice message and I would’ve still added in the source link.

Besides, there are a whole bunch of people on tumblr that don’t take the time to credit at all. Some take credit from others.

I don’t mean to sound rude here at all, but I think you should find a nicer way to handle things even if it’s for the right reason.

But thanks for stopping by at least.

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Haven’t updated the tumblr in a while, opening up submissions!


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Fairy Tail AMV made by bqsq @ YT

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